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Does Safety Monitor have an app?
Does Safety Monitor have an app?

How do I access Safety Monitor on my phone?

Written by Helen Mander
Updated over a week ago

Safety Monitor does not currently offer a dedicated app.  

It is however optimised for use on smart phones and tablets.  
You can easily add a shortcut icon on your phone or tablet to quickly access your Safety Monitor account.

How do I do this?

For an iPhone or iPad:

  • Tap the 'Share' button on the browser's toolbar (that's the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward)

  • Tap the 'Add to Home Screen' icon in the Share menu

  • You will be prompted to name the shortcut before tapping the Add button

  • The shortcut can be dragged and place anywhere (including app folders) just like a normal app icon

  • When you tap the icon it will load Safety Monitor in a normal tab

(Due to limitations in Apple's iOS, only Apple's own Safari browser is allowed to do this)

For Android:

  • Tap the menu button and tap Add to homescreen

  • Enter Safety Monitor as the name for the shortcut

  • The icon will appear on your home screen like any other app shortcut which you can then drag and place anywhere you like

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